Corporate Membership Renewal


Corporate membership is for companies that are engaged with coaching to include Leader Coaches, Internal Coaches, HR and OD Practitioners who use internal or external coaching for executive and talent development, and for organizations that have an interest in coaching. This can include large multinationals, small and medium-sized businesses (SME’s) in all business sectors, and government organizations.

You can view the Exclusive Corporate Member Benefits here.

*If you are a Non-Profit you can qualify for 10% off membership, please contact us by clicking on the button below.

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    Membership Band Number of Members joining Pricing
    Corporate Package Band 1 01-10 USD$692
    Band 2 11-50 USD$1573
    Band 3 51-100 USD$2831
    Band 4 101-200 USD$3774
    Band 5 201-300 USD$5661
    Band 6 301-400 USD$7549
    Band 7 401-500 USD$9436
    Band 8 501-600 USD$11323
    Band 9 601-700 USD$13210
    Band 10 701-800 USD$15097

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